St James CE Primary School

Collective Worship

It is a statutory requirement for all schools that an act of collective worship, broadly Christian in nature, is held each day.  Worship is integral to the life and ethos of St James Primary School and is led by either staff, the priest or assistant curate from St James church, pupils, or visitors to the school. 

Collective Worship is carefully planned and for each half term follows a theme based on one of our chosen Christian values. Each week culminates with the opportunity for children to respond to the Collective worships they have participated in during that week, reflecting upon if and how what they have experienced has transformed them and their thinking. Each year group has opportunity to feedback their responses to the whole school in a medium of their choosing.

All parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship.  However, our Collective Worship is inclusive and, although rooted in the Christian faith, is accessible to all members of the school community, whatever their religious background or beliefs.

As part of Collective Worship, we encourage prayer and reflection at the beginning and end of each day, before lunch and on other important occasions. The children are able to contribute their own prayers to their class’ prayer book.