St James CE Primary School

Year 2 Poland Class Charter

Year 2 Poland

    Poland class promise to:

  • Show love, respect and courage.
  • To keep our hands and feet to ourselves at all times.
  • To look after our classroom and school property.
  • To walk sensibly around the school and in the classroom.
  • Always listen politely to the person who is speaking.
  • To play safely, nicely and have fun.
  • Follow the school rules and try our best at all times.
      • If you follow the rules your name will go on the happy face. This earns you one house point. If your name has a √ against it that means another house point.


          There are times when we don’t always follow the rules. Name on sad face = warning

          X miss 2 minute of playtime

          XX miss 5 minutes off golden time.