St James CE Primary School

Year 4 Norway Class Charter

Year 4 Norway

In Norway class we will show love, respect and courage by:

  1.  Being quiet and listening carefully when the teacher or other people are talking.
  2.  Being kind and caring towards each other.
  3.  Being welcoming to everyone
  4.  Sitting properly at our tables, on the carpet and when in assembly.
  5.  Keeping our hand to ourselves.
  6.  Helping people in class and at playtime.
  7.  Staying on task when working independently or with other people.
  8.  Being co-operative when working in a group.
  9.  Always trying our best in absolutely everything we do.
  10.  By following the Bs if we are stuck! (Brain, buddy, bits and bobs then boss.)
  11.  Respecting equipment in class and at playtime.
  12. If I follow the class charter I’ll earn stickers, house points, achievement certificates, golden time and see my work on the wall!

    If I choose not to follow the class charter I’ll be put on the sad face.

    = Warning

    X = Miss 5 minutes of golden time

    XX = Miss 10 minutes of golden time

    XXX= Learn outside the classroom