St James CE Primary School

Year 5 Brazil Class Charter

We are going to uphold our school values of:
Year 5 Brazil
We have a right to... So we are going to... safe
  • Move around the classroom in a sensible way.
  • Take care of ourselves and others especially younger children.
  • Obey safety signs and adults.
  • Use equipment appropriately
  • Listen carefully and work hard
  • Learn by our mistakes.
  • Help each other and share ideas
  • Allow others to learn by thinking about our own behavior respected
  • Treat others how we want to be treated
  • Take care of things that do not belong to us. happy and have friends
  • Include other children in our games, take turns and share
  • Cheer people up when they are lonely (Smile)
  • Speak to others in a friendly way
  • Collaborate and help each other listened to
  • Do not interrupt each other.
  • Treat everybody‚Äôs views as important.
  • Listen carefully
  • Ignore inappropriate behaviour. part of a great school
  • Look after equipment in our classroom and around the school.
  • Keep the school tidy.
  • Follow the rules and our class charter
Year 5 Argentina
We have agreed to the following sanctions and rewards for our behaviour board: Name on Sad face will be recorded in Golden Time Book and: We signed our classroom charter to show that we agreed with these rules and sanctions:

Miss 2 minutes from breaktime

X Miss 5 minutes from Golden Time

XX 10 minutes from Golden Time

XXX Head teacher will be informed

Housepoints! (For name on Happy Face)