St James CE Primary School

Year 5 Argentina Class Charter

We are going to uphold our school values of:
Year 5 Argentina
We uphold our school values... So we are going to...
We show love in the classroom
  • Listen when someone is talking.
  • Support each other.
  • Look after the things in our classroom.
  • Use equipment appropriately
We show love to adults
  • Not answering back.
  • Show respect to everyone by being kind
  • Not lie when you have made the wrong choices.
We show love to our peers
  • Help them when they are hurt or feeling upset.
  • Listen if they have an idea.
  • Helping friends if they are stuck.
We show love around the school
  • Treat people how you woul like to be treated.
  • Hold doors open for the teachers.
  • Be polite.
We show respect in the classroom
  • Be careful with everything around us and take care of it.
  • Always use a happy face and smile
We show respect to adults
  • Be polite and a smile to them
  • Help them with some jobs
  • Give way to them (by holding the door for them)
We show respect to our peers
  • Not distracting them when they are doing work
  • By listening to them even if you don't agree
  • Help them make the right choices
We show respect around the school
  • Not going through peoples belongings
  • Walk sensibly around the corridors
  • Be quiet when walking past classrooms
We show courage in the classroom
  • Never give up, even when it is hard
  • Admit that you are wrong when you have made bad choices
  • Don't stop trying
We show courage to adults
  • Standing up for what is right
  • Choosing the right choices
  • Trying new things
We show courage to our peers
  • Solving problems with each other
  • Trying to be the first to say sorry
  • Telling the truth and preventing an argument
We show courage around the school
  • Being confident and sharing talents with the school
  • Standing up to bullies