St James CE Primary School

Extracurricular Activities

We run a variety of different extra curricular activities. Some of our clubs are run by staff who volunteer to give up their time at no cost. Other clubs are run by external providers and are subject to a charge. Where this is the case a £ denotes this.

Please note:

  • Some of the clubs are seasonal
  • Some of the clubs have a limited number of places and places will be offered termly
  • If clubs are over subscribed places will be allocated randomly
  • If there is greater demand than there are places available your child will have an opportunity to reapply next term
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Computer Coding Club
Mrs Forder
Advanced Recorder Lessons
Mrs Rudd
Mrs Davies

Eco Schools (Half Termly)
Mrs Rudd

Beginners Recorder Lessons
Mrs Rudd
During school time Keyboards - HMS
Mrs McIntyre £
Mr Mason £

After school Sama Karate £
Drama- Big Mouth Theatre £ Football
Learning through sport £
JMP Dance £
Knitting with Ladies from Saint James Church £
Epic Explorers with Mrs Davies
Learning Through Sport £
Funky Play Bricks £