St James CE Primary School

The Golden Book of Achievements

This Golden Book of Achievement is to celebrate children going that extra mile.

Golden Book of Achievements for 08/06/2017

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Year 1 Portugal

Megan. - For confident, independent work in Mastery Maths tasks.

Ava - For being a super, smiling and helpful member of Portugal class.

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Year 1 - Spain

Rose - For focussing really well during subtraction this week and challenging yourself!

Charlie - For confident, independent work in mastery Maths tasks.

Year 1 - Italy

Isabella - For writing a brilliant acrostic poem about summer!

Kaelan - For concentrating really hard and having a mature approach to his work.

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Year 2 - Poland

James - For your thoughtful ideas in comparing your tree to an object in your tree poem.

Joshua - For challenging himself in Maths to use different methods to check his answers.

Year 2 - Germany

Hadley - Hadley has worked really hard this week to add and give change from amounts of money. He has carefully used written methods and his knowledge of number bonds. Well done Hadley!

Isabelle - Izzy has worked hard in Maths this week. She has carefully used different written methods to add amounts of money together. Well done Izzy!

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Year 3 - Kenya

Ruby - For creating a fantastic magnetic game! Well done! 

Katie - For having a brilliant conscientious attitude to all that you do. Well done!

Year 3 - South Africa

Elsie - For a fantastic effort with the soup making, especially with limited use of one arm!

Jack - For making a fantastic start to Year 3. Well done.

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Year 4 - Sweden

Zara - For working fantastically hard in everything she does. Well done.

Lexi - For being an understanding and caring friend to everyone.

Year 4 - Norway

Leo - For a fantastic sketch of Narnia.

Heidi- For a wonderful observational sketch.

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Year 5 - Argentina

Maya.- For demonstrating the school’s values and being an excellent role model

Emily - For demonstrating the school’s values and being an excellent role model

Year 5- Brazil

Nicole - For challenging herself in Maths. Well done!

Megan - For making amazing progress in her Maths and English.

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Year 6 - India

Thomas - For being a great team player and always working well.

Amelia - For continuing to have a positive attitude and being more confident when talking to the adults in the class.

Year 6 - Japan

Tegan - For always showing a wonderful learning attitude and make superb progress in all subjects. Well done.

Rosie - For always showing a great attitude in all areas of school life and taking time to advance her own learning by teaching others.

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