St James CE Primary School

Year 4 Topic Work

Welcome to the Year 4 topic page!

Below you can see what exciting curriculum activities we have been taking part in in Summer 2018 - click a picture to enlarge it.

We used our measuring skills to make our own Viking Ship replicas.

We studied the book Varjak paw and plotted how the character changed throughout the story.

In maths, we learnt about different properties of shape and investigated them.

We made a range of sentence types to inform, using sentence patterns.

Year 4 Summer 2018

We learnt about the styles of different illustrators and illustrated our very own river poems.

In History, we made our own Viking Longboats.

In PSHE, we discussed why people might make different decisions in the same situation.

We learnt about the Bayeux Tapestry and created it, re-telling the story ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

Below you can see what exciting curriculum activities we have been taking part in in Spring 2018 - click a picture to enlarge it.

We learnt to design, make and evaluate our very own cracking contraption, using electricity. In science, we learnt about how/why our contraptions worked by exploring electricity.

We visited Bursledon Brickworks as part of our local history project. We learnt about what life was like in our local area during Victorian times.

In English, we have been reading Oliver Twist! We have written a first person narrative about life in the workhouse, using our senses to describe and entertain. We have also written to persuade!

We’ve enjoyed doing lots of art this term! We learnt to print, creating our own Anglo Saxon designs.

Year 4 Anglo Saxons and Cracking Victorian Contraptions

We loved exploring the epic poem, Beowulf! We created our own monsters and wrote entertaining tales of how Beowulf defeated him.

We learnt to design and code our very own quizzes, using Scratch.

We learnt how/when/why different tribes invaded Britain and how they were to be known as Anglo Saxons.

We’ve been learning all about decimals and fractions in maths. In this photo, we’re creating our very own number line, representing decimals and fractions in as many ways as we could.