St James CE Primary School

Year 5 Topic Work

Welcome to the Year 5 topic page!

Below you can see what exciting curriculum activities we have been taking part in in Spring 2019 - click a picture to enlarge it.

We loved taking part in the Wildlife themed World Book Day. We read a Pandenomian of Parrots and learnt about collective nouns, creating our own page for the book.

We worked Scientifically to investigate wind-mills. As an eco-school, we learnt about wind power and the uses and benefits.

We learnt about Volcanoes and Earthquakes and re-created Turner’s volcano art, learning about how to use pastels.

We learnt about the layers of the Earth and created our own 3D models.

Year Five Spring 2019

In maths, we did a practical investigation learning about how to measure angels.

In DT, we created our own wind-turbines that would lift weghts. We competed to cteae the most effective design.s

In English, we acted out the characters from our book ‘Percy Jackson.

In R.E. we learnt about the big idea submission and we explored what the Quoran means to Muslims.

Below you can see what exciting curriculum activities we have been taking part in in Summer 2019 - click a picture to enlarge it.

History —We used our research skills to find out about the Egyptians—we even wrote our names in hieroglyphics.

Prayer Spaces—We spent time reflecting and praying in different spaces.

ICT—we used code to create our own race track game.

ART—We created ‘talking textiles’ to tell the story of our class book , George’s secret key to the universe.

Year 5 Earth and Space and Ancient Egypt

Science Museum Trip—in the upstairs of the center we explored many different interactive exhibits.

Science museum trip—We had a workshop all about light and found the best material to block the light from the sun.

Science Museum Trip—the explore space section was a great way to learn more about science and space in a hands on way.

Maths— we looked at the different angles we could find outside as [art of national ‘Outside week’.