St James CE Primary School

Year 5 Topic Work

Welcome to the Year 5 topic page!

Below you can see what exciting curriculum activities we have been taking part in in Autumn 2019 - click a picture to enlarge it.

Art— we used different textiles to create dream catchers inspired by South American culture

Science—we investigated the properties of materials

PE—while the weather was still nice we took some time to complete team building games in our new classes.

Year 5 learnt so much from their Bike-Ability week with the instructors.

Year 5 Amazing Amazon and WW1

D&T—we experimented with different structures to create a bridge for Santa’s sledge.

In English, we rein acted the WW1 Christmas truce football match before we wrote newspaper reports about this incredible event.

We have done a lot of work on endangered animals, here we are sorting them into different groups before we wrote a glossary about the animal of our choice.

English—We were inspired by the objects that reminded one man of his life and especially fighting during WW1.

Below you can see what exciting curriculum activities we have been taking part in in Summer 2019 - click a picture to enlarge it.

History —We used our research skills to find out about the Egyptians—we even wrote our names in hieroglyphics.

Prayer Spaces—We spent time reflecting and praying in different spaces.

ICT—we used code to create our own race track game.

ART—We created ‘talking textiles’ to tell the story of our class book , George’s secret key to the universe.

Year 5 Earth and Space and Ancient Egypt

Science Museum Trip—in the upstairs of the center we explored many different interactive exhibits.

Science museum trip—We had a workshop all about light and found the best material to block the light from the sun.

Science Museum Trip—the explore space section was a great way to learn more about science and space in a hands on way.

Maths— we looked at the different angles we could find outside as [art of national ‘Outside week’.