St James CE Primary School

Best Value Statement 2014

The governors of Saint James' Church of England Primary School are committed to pursuing Best Value in all decisions made. We use the principles of Best Value as they apply to securing continuous improvement in this school and will:

  • Regularly review the functions of the school, challenging how and why services are provided and setting targets and performance indicators for improvement;
  • Monitor outcomes and compare performance with similar schools and within the school;
  • Consult appropriate stakeholders before major decisions are made;
  • Promote fair competition through quotations and tenders to ensure that goods and services are secured in the most economic, efficient and effective way.

We will strive to ensure that the school is using its resources effectively to meet the needs of all pupils.

The school has in place a strategic plan which is updated at least annually and ensures that best value will be reviewed and demonstrated. Currently, the key focus areas are:

  • Striving to achieve improvement in all priority areas;
  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning for all children but with a focus on the more able and children with special needs;
  • Developing the leadership and middle manager teams;
  • Raising standards in English and Maths;
  • Ensuring the impact on standards through the use of coherent and consistent assessment;
  • Further extending and developing the learning environment for all.

Date approved by Full Governing Body: 11.09.14