St James CE Primary School


Welcome to the Governors' page of the Saint James' website. School governors represent the largest volunteer force in the country, with approximately 1% of the adult population serving in this capacity at any one time. Here at Saint James' we have 13 governor positions with representation from the school and wider local community.

Two of our governors are parent governors, who are elected by their fellow parents and are vital to a governing body because they are able to relay the concerns and issues of most importance to our parents. One of our governors was appointed by the LA (Local Authority), Five are community representatives who are appointed by the incumbent governing body, and three are foundation governors. Not all schools have foundation governors, but because Saint James' is a Church of England primary school, these representatives appointed by Saint James' Church have an important role in our governing body. The remaining two positions are held by our headteacher and a member of the teaching staff.

Our governing body is committed to making a positive contribution to the school and the education of our children. Our primary role is to 'support and challenge', by working in close partnership with our school's leadership team, to promote continuous improvement in the school's performance and its future development. We have a responsibility to ensure that our children receive the best education possible, in a happy, safe and stimulating environment, making the best use of the available resources.

Many of our governors take on specific roles, such as special needs, maths, literacy, sports, health and safety, or child protection, amongst others. These governors take an active role in liaising with appropriate staff members and involving themselves in that particular area, so that first-hand information can be fed back to committee meetings and full governing body meetings. All governors are encouraged to involve themselves in school life and experience aspects of it for themselves. We have 'Governor Focus Days' each term, which are wonderful opportunities for us to spend time in the classrooms, to talk to the teachers and children and to get a feel for what it is like to be a pupil at Saint James'.

Being a governor is stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding. At Saint James' we are fortunate to have a committed group of people, with varied experiences and backgrounds, who work well together to provide an effective, enthusiastic and hard-working governing body.

Click here for a list of our present governors and their roles, any of whom may be contacted through the school.